Tuesday, June 10, 2014

End of the Year Reflection

 The end of the year is approaching very quickly and there's a lot of work to be done this week in art class!  My final for the end of the year is a book that is hand bound and hand sewn. This book is basically a Bible of everything I love. I've definitely grown throughout the year artistically by learning to draw better and also learning new techniques to carry on with in my life. I have learned that art doesn't necessarily have to be perfect, and there's always room to grow. I am particularly proud of this book because I have put so much work into it, and I can't wait to keep it to show people my artistic talents. This has been a great class and I hope to learn more in my life. :) 

Time Capsule

This year in art class, we have been working on a time capsule box.  I placed objects in the box such as tags with the prices on them, a picture of my best friend, and wrappers from certain popular foods from today in history.  I think my time capsule contents really don't explain who I am as a person, because I didn't want to place items in there that are important to me at this time.  However, I wrote down my favorite song and phone number and locker combination so when I open the box in 30 years, I will be able to see how much my life has changed and how times have changed.  The decorations on the outside of my box are personal however.  I love 'A Starry Night' painting so I created the outside based off of the painting.  And the shimmery green and purple stripes are my favorite colors, along with the sparkles!!  Thanks for looking! More to come (: 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Totem Pole Story: A Story of Survival

Bitter winds blew, ripping through my heart, tearing apart my soul, piece by piece.  I understood nothing that was taking place inside of me, waiting to swallow me whole.  I would cry out, just to feel the pain coursing through my veins.  Just skin and bones decaying little by little.
     Doctors came next, swirling around me like bees.  It was torture, and death awaited me.  I welcomed it with open arms.  But suddenly, after months of medical bills, depression medication, and suicidal thoughts, the gray storm clouds lifted and out came the girl that once belonged, happy and relaxed.  I survived a long and deathly journey.  I am learning to love myself again, and going on a new adventure that will leave the world remembering my name.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pop Prints

A little while back, I had created a rubber stamp that I ultimately used to create this image that we called pop prints, inspired by Andy Warhol.  We played around with multiple ideas for the images that would be used to create this project, but overall I loved the bow theme.  I tried doing the Chanel symbol but alas it didn't work out quite the way I wanted it to.  I used Prismacolor colored pencils to shade in the white areas and make patterns on the bows and swirls around it.  I like the bottom right corner bow the best because coral and teal are two of my favorite colors! Overall I wish I could have executed this project better but I still am proud of the work I put in. 

Full of Fortune Cookie!

The past week I have been working on a project inspired by fortune cookies!  My teacher brought in six fortune cookies for each student then we got to work.  I looked at the "speak Chinese" section on the back of the fortune cookie then wrote the Chinese symbols that mean 'I don't know.'  Just to be silly! :) after that I dyed paper with watercolor paints and started drawing, sketching cherry blossoms and fortune cookie images along with petals and a bright yellow sun.  I colored them with Prismatic colored pencils and also charcoal to write my lucky numbers.  My work represents luck and happiness because I used bright happy colors and my fortune was lucky. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

ART x3

The past few weeks I have been working on a collage of fashion prints from magazines and turning simple pieces of magazine into an extravagant piece of artwork. I cut out pictures from Vogue, Seventeen, Nordstrom catalogue, and Teen Vogue.  I used a gloss medium and brushed hand-dyed paper with the gloss and stuck the images on the gloss. Then I layered more gloss and glue on top of the images to secure them down and create a shiny surface.  I believe I learned many things from this experience such as not to become frustrated with myself. I also learned how to being many pieces of art together to create a beautiful collage.  During the process, however, this piece started out as another students. I actually covered up their previous images because they weren't my taste. LOL.  Enjoy! 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Blue Period

This week in my art class, we decided to create a class collection of everything that is blue.  I took a screenshot of this section of our collection.  There is a Victoria's Secret shimmer body mist, ballpoint pens, a blueberry scented marker, a snakeskin belt, and many other blue objects.  We based our sculpture off of the artist Portia Munson, who creates sculptures of objects that are all the same hue and translates that into art.  I don't believe our collection has anything to do with the time we live in, perhaps except for the perfumes.  Everyone brought mostly household items, but some brought more personal items that shows their interests.  The majority of the collection doesn't show the class' interests however.  The group collection does not reflect my personal tastes because I love lavish items and Windex® window cleaning spray is definitely not my forte ;).  Here is a picture of Portia Munson's work.  Enjoy!