Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Comparison of Bike drawing and Candy Confection

My two drawing are very different from one another. The graphite bicycle drawing used charcoal pencils and shading was the main source of color. The only color used was gray, but I used varying shades such as light gray, charcoal, and dark black-gray by using pressure on the pencil while shading. On the other hand, my candy jar drawing uses transparency with the light in the glass and i shaded the sketches using creamy colored pencils. I used varying shades of each color to achieve the maximum amount of realism in the pictures. Overall, I am proud of my two drawings and hope to become even better in future projects. 

Candy Jar Confection Colored to Life

The past couple of days, I have been feverishly working on my recent drawing of candy in the spirit of Halloween!  I started off sketching the outline of a mason jar and the wrappers of the candy and how i saw them through the jar's glass.  Next, I started filling in the sketches with more defined lines and drew the candy logos.  I used many different colors to lightly shade in the drawings.  I have not quite yet finished, but after i colored, i started deepening the colors, making them morevibrant and colorful.  I am starting to find the light in the glass where I will bring out the highlights of light aspects of the glass using creamy white colored pencil and pastel colors.

Graphite Vintage Bicycle Drawing

Over the course of the past three weeks, I have been working non-stop on my graphite pencil drawing of a vintage bicycle called the Londoner.  I have finally finished the drawing and I must say I am quite surprised!  I learned that composition can really vary and that it really matters how large or small or close-up you draw that can change your final draft.  I realized that by shading using different pencils such as the 6B, 2H, and HB, in varying shades of of gray, charcoal, and black, that I can make something look very realistic.  I was honestly very surprised how many steps were put into drawing anything to perfect the look of realism.  I am most proud because i portrayed depth quite well.  I had no inkling that I could acheive something as difficult as sketching a realistic bike.