Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Time Capsule

This year in art class, we have been working on a time capsule box.  I placed objects in the box such as tags with the prices on them, a picture of my best friend, and wrappers from certain popular foods from today in history.  I think my time capsule contents really don't explain who I am as a person, because I didn't want to place items in there that are important to me at this time.  However, I wrote down my favorite song and phone number and locker combination so when I open the box in 30 years, I will be able to see how much my life has changed and how times have changed.  The decorations on the outside of my box are personal however.  I love 'A Starry Night' painting so I created the outside based off of the painting.  And the shimmery green and purple stripes are my favorite colors, along with the sparkles!!  Thanks for looking! More to come (: 


  1. Oh my! Your box is so pretty! It reminds me of fireworks and shooting stars in the night sky! How exciting and creative darling!

  2. Haley I love your time capsule! It is so pretty and I love the colors!