Thursday, November 14, 2013

Blue Period

This week in my art class, we decided to create a class collection of everything that is blue.  I took a screenshot of this section of our collection.  There is a Victoria's Secret shimmer body mist, ballpoint pens, a blueberry scented marker, a snakeskin belt, and many other blue objects.  We based our sculpture off of the artist Portia Munson, who creates sculptures of objects that are all the same hue and translates that into art.  I don't believe our collection has anything to do with the time we live in, perhaps except for the perfumes.  Everyone brought mostly household items, but some brought more personal items that shows their interests.  The majority of the collection doesn't show the class' interests however.  The group collection does not reflect my personal tastes because I love lavish items and Windex® window cleaning spray is definitely not my forte ;).  Here is a picture of Portia Munson's work.  Enjoy!

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