Thursday, March 20, 2014

Totem Pole Story: A Story of Survival

Bitter winds blew, ripping through my heart, tearing apart my soul, piece by piece.  I understood nothing that was taking place inside of me, waiting to swallow me whole.  I would cry out, just to feel the pain coursing through my veins.  Just skin and bones decaying little by little.
     Doctors came next, swirling around me like bees.  It was torture, and death awaited me.  I welcomed it with open arms.  But suddenly, after months of medical bills, depression medication, and suicidal thoughts, the gray storm clouds lifted and out came the girl that once belonged, happy and relaxed.  I survived a long and deathly journey.  I am learning to love myself again, and going on a new adventure that will leave the world remembering my name.

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